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a few things we know and think about

4 d’s (and a td) to clear your to-do list and inbox

“I’M TOO BUSY FOR THIS!!!! How do you expect me start a blog or spend time researching buyer personas…are you mad?!? I’ve got a new couple coming here in 20 minutes, quotes to do, payments to chase, I’m only halfway through the artwork for my new ad due by the weekend, my supplier’s just let me down so I’ve…

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Why most wedding businesses don’t work and what to do about it

If you’ve heard this phrase before, I expect a) you probably can’t remember where from and b) when you realise, you’ll also recall it probably had some kind of an impact on you – this’ll be some kind of refresher for you, then. If you haven’t, then I readily admit to paraphrasing the tagline of one of the…

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Why you’re chasing the wrong customers and how to stop it

What does your income from weddings have in common with world population, earnings of the Chicago Bulls basketball team, Wikipedia traffic, personal net worth of the Forbes 500, Wisconsin milk output, GDP of all the world’s countries, the Richter scale, the price of piggybanks on eBay and the symbols people use in their passwords? Here’s…

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15 tips for writing more with less words

Like you, the couple reading your proposal haven’t got all day to wade through anything that’s not creating or adding value. Achieve a higher opinion in their eyes by being relevant, knowledgeable, engaging and concise with your information. This list, in no particular order, will help you achieve that. Write for the couple. Your proposal…

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Achieving WOW!! The positive difference between expectation and experience

We’ve all experienced it at some stage. That wonderful feeling where things just click, or when someone hits just the right tone with you at just the right time – it makes you pause and reflect on what’s just happened, it perks you up, makes the sun shine a little brighter. And makes you want…

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Is the ‘wedding tax’ justified?

We recently celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary with a couple of bottles of quality bubbles courtesy of friends following a day of dolphin watching. Idyllic? Well, it was, until a discussion got rather heated over dinner at the notion of suppliers slapping on a premium as soon as the word ‘wedding’ is mentioned. The wedding…

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Attract, Nurture & Convert – the wedding SME’s sales & marketing funnel

  The funnel concept may not be bright, shiny and new but in the digital economy that Wedding SMEs now exist, it is arguably more relevant than ever. WeddingCloud promotes a principle for Wedding Business Growth that recognises that opportunities pass through three distinct stages (there will always be exceptions to the rule, but it is a clearly observable trend). The…

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How to create a winning proposal with WeddingCloud

Have you ever applied for a job using the same CV you used to apply for other jobs? Or read CVs from applicants for a position you’re looking to fill who have clearly made no effort to focus on YOU – not what YOUR needs are or how they’re perfect for YOU but interested in…

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