a wedding is a celebration of two people

committing their future to each other

a marriage is two people celebrating their lives together

With comfortably over a decade since we celebrated our commitment to each other - and a team of juniors who've joined us since - we can confirm that an amazing start to life together is something you'll always look back on fondly.

Living in London at the time, organising a week in Spain for 100 of our nearest and dearest was how we saw fit to celebrate our union. Your wedding day genuinely is a testament to who you are NOW - your dreams together, your hopes, your belief in one another.

Go big. Go small. Tell the world. Elope. The only thing that matters is that you do it together.

spanish steps

who are we?

First and foremost, we're a normal couple who have developed a formidable bond having experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Even after all this time, it still feels like we're starting out on our journey together.

WeddingCloud is our third wedding business. We've learnt a few things in that time.

Hayley is the creative, generous spirit who could sit and talk to brides-to-be all day every day about how your wedding day should and can embody your collective personality without spending a fortune. She'd do it all for you for free, too, if it wasn't for her boring husband...

Barry is a typical bloke - struggles with the details of a wedding except when it involves clothes, cars, music & booze - but is obsessed with removing inefficiency from the wedding planning journey for couples and suppliers alike.

Together we're entrepreneurs, solving a problem that most engaged couples and wedding suppliers don't realise they're experiencing "because that's how everyone does it, right?" and building a future for our kids that the education system can't provide along the way.

Our team of techies and creatives bring the dream to life (thanks guys!).


what does WeddingCloud do?

we connect you with your perfect suppliers.

more than 50% of wedding planning effort is spent on finding, researching, contacting and dealing with suppliers. Because a) you've never done it before (probably) and b) you're not an expert in event management & procurement (probably), you're reinventing the wheel when you do it yourself.

WeddingCloud is a digital platform that does the difficult, boring job of working out who your best suppliers are from every possible option and delivers proposals from those who WANT to be a part of your wedding dream team.

Sorry to pitch you but we'd REALLY love to help and get to know you (it's free!) ...